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Garda Boat Reant our best offer: contact us to make your best reservation by phone +39 3395971144 Cristina.

Our boats are the biggest on Garda Lake (from 2 to 60 people on board).

Wonderful tour with music, happy hour or dinner and drink.

Fuel is always included.

Deposit is not required.

Our boats are new brand

All our motorboats are furnished with a GPS tracker system on board.

Our engines are maintained in good working order through regular maintenance as required by the manufacter. In this way you will have a perfect and a reliable boat during each rental.

All boats have sun decks.

Sun Top is always included into the rate.

Our headquarter has a floating dock that permits all the people (elderly, pregnants or babies) to take on board of our motorboats easily.

We offer delivery service in Desenzano, Sirmione, Peschiera del Garda, Lazise, Bardolino, Lonato, Padenghe e Salo.

Our motorboats are always cleaned after every rental.

In case of bad weather don’t worry, free cancellation.

Do you like a boat party? Call us as soon as possibile!


Boat tour Sirmione Peninsula

Possible stops: Swimming from the boat.

Sites of interest:

Catullus Caves

Maria Callas’ former home

Sulphur springs

Aquaria beauty farm

Scaliger Castle

Catullus Caves – Almost 20,000 square metres of Roman ruins belonging to an immense villa built some two thousand years ago. The name derives from the appearance of the ruins in the Middle Ages (reminiscent of caves) and the belief that the villa belonged to the poet Catullus. The truth is that they are neither caves nor a villa belonging to the poet; construction began after his death.

Scaliger Castle – Built approximately 700 years ago, the Scaliger Castle is the most spectacular and evocative building we’ll see on the tour. With its fortified walls, towers and dock built on stilts, the castle will transport you back to medieval times, and passing under the two bridges will leave you speechless.

You can admire the former home of Maria Callas, the Aquaria thermal spa, the sulphur springs, Catullus’ Caves – northern Italy’s largest Roman building – the Scaliger Castle with its medieval port, and much more!

Boat Tour Isola del Garda

Possible stops: Visit Isola del Garda
; Swimming from the boat.

Sites of interest:

Sirmione peninsula

Rocca di Manerba

Isola dei Conigli

Isola di Garda

After seeing the sights of the Sirmione peninsula, we’ll head towards the impressive outcrop of Rocca di Manerba, the Island of San Biagio and the delightful Isola del Garda, a private island and home to the counts of Borghese-Cavazza, with a botanical garden containing over 450 plant varieties and a Gothic-Venetian style palace. On return to Sirmione, we’ll pass under the two bridges of the Scaglier Castle.

Still home to the counts of Borghese-Cavazza to this day, the island boasts a Gothic-Venetian style palace, a fascinating history and an extraordinary botanical garden. The atmosphere and the microclimate of the island are unique and make this excursion an experience packed with emotion and unforgettable views.

Subject to booking, it is possible to visit the island and enjoy an aperitif on the terrace.

Boat tour San Vigilio and the Scaligera Coast

Possible stops: San Vigilio for coffee and walk; Swimming from the boat; Visits to Garda, Lazise and/or Bardolino; Lunch in a town or a lakeside restaurant.

Sites of interest:

Sirmione peninsula



Golfo di Garda

Villa Canossa

Punta San Vigilio

Baia delle Sirene

Having admired beautiful Sirmione with its many attractions, we head towards the scenic and romantic Punta San Vigilio, where we can stop for an aperitif. Here we can see the Baia delle Sirene, with its blue waters, before heading to the Golfo di Garda and the magnificent Villa Canossa. After crossing the Golfo di Garda, we follow the coast to the delightful little towns of Bardolino and Lazise, where we can schedule a stop to visit them; we then return to Sirmione, to conclude the tour by passing under the two bridges of the Scaglier Castle.

The Veneto shore of Lake Garda was one of the hubs of the Scaglier family’s supremacy, and we can trace its history in the ruins of several castles and fortresses along the lake shore. One of the best-preserved examples can be found in the Castle of Lazise.

Besides its history, another focal point of the Veneto side of the lake is the vineyards and wineries that distinguish and enrich this area.

Rocca di Manerba boat tour & Rabbit Island

Possible stops: Swimming from the boat.

Sites of interest:


Rocca di Manerba

Isola dei Conigli

Optional extras on board: Bouquet of flowers
; Bottle of prosecco; Nibbles; Various soft drinks.

We will cruise the calm waters of the lake towards the impressive outcrop of Rocca di Manerba to admire its beaches and sheer cliffs and the tiny but charming Island of San Biagio not far away. We will come back to the romantic small port of Desenzano.

Not merely a vertical cliff over the lake, but the highest in the southern part of Lake Garda and the most reminiscent of typical seaside scenery.

Formed of limestone rock, the Rocca di Manerba jealously guards an isolated beach and some views that you won’t forget in a hurry.